The word “patent-safe” is practically a buzzword today.

A patent is a grant of protection for an invention.

Owning a patent in the aftermarket consumables industry is used to protect manufacturers and resellers from frivolous lawsuits of patent infringing.

That is why it gets a bunch of aftermarket companies alleging their products for “patent-safe”.

You may think that only big, established new-build manufacturers need to worry about patent infringement but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nowadays lawsuits are filed on a regular basis against those who can be challenged by OEM’s. It has been a long road.

It’s been tough, it’s much bigger and more expensive than you think.

Unfortunately, the litigation has also become the default and extraordinarily inefficient way to make the deal between the aftermarket consumables suppliers and OEMs.

So, what can you do about it? Be proactive.

Don’t take a big risk on patent infringement for your businesses.

Most enterprises generally don’t fail, because they know they’re focused, they’re determined.

They put in their blood and soul into what they do, and there’s every chance that they will succeed.

Print-Rite is good example of a company that invested wisely to fully understand the OEM patents and focus on new designs that workaround the OEM and other patents to become legitimate products.

With over 37 years of R&D experience in imaging supplies industry – now Print-Rite holds over 2,700 patents of its own.

It made Print-Rite be well known for its integrity and as a reliable business partner among many famous US distributors.

The result from Print-Rite is a legitimate alternative, which is better quality, completely IP safe and a more profitable choice for global customers.

Recently, Print-Rite won the gold of 2017 Guangdong Patent Awards by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, with the invention patent “Dongle Gear Solution”, which developed by Print-Rite R&D team.

The patent gold awards were selected from inventions and utility models, and in a bid to encourage and cite those patentees and inventors who contribute significantly to technology (design) innovation and socio-economic development, this award highlights the principle of high quality development and take the overall patent quality of Guangdong province to the next level.